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Lyrics of we are the light

WE ARE LIGHTS (Song written & composed by LIZA C) Lights is who we Are We've been called to manifest God's glory in the earth Life is what we give Divinity is at work in us We are Salts of the earth As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world 2x...

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Be Delibrate in taking action

#MondayMotivation Be deliberate in taking actions that will help you achieve your Purpose; people may misunderstand you, but Purpose matters more than who understands or misunderstands you. Any action that does not advance your Purpose will take you down the drains....

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    Beautiful Music Icon LIZA C Releases Fresh Single – *WE ARE LIGHTS* Dropping it like it’s Hot! Alright People!
    You knew a New Single was Coming…but I bet you weren’t expecting it this Hot…Can you handle it?
    Let’s go… 
    (Produced by A4 Jeazy)
    We are Lights in a dark world, A City set on a hill cannot be hidden. We Shine so brightly for All to See. We bring Illumination, Leadership, Empowerment, Signs & Season. #WeAreLights
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